Together with the development of the technology, marketing communication has started following technology. Especially with the subjects that internet submitted into marketing field, firms started applying all their marketing work over internet. Of course, digital marketing methods alone are not sufficient. The importance of digital meeting traditional, the subject that we call “360 Degree Marketing” is the sole method for staying in minds.

Internet, normally, is a technology developed for providing multi users’ rapid access to information. That people can access to internet at all hours of the day, multiple users can exist at the same fields at the same make it a very important area for marketing. Besides these, that internet sites can show all kinds of designs of advert works (banner, gif, video, story, collage, video collage), is one of the reasons that makes this field important for marketing. Today, marketing’s rate of internet usage raised quite high. Even we can almost tell that old marketing technics are about to be abandoned. Already, you can observe these apparently at the expose. Internet has also increased velocity in measurement technics made in marketing field. Firms can obtain precise results measuring the related customers’ thoughts, behaviors in a very quick way.

You must know that internet marketing provides broad facility in terms of providing brand reputation and formation of consumer loyalty. When we investigate internet marketing in industrial field, we shall see “e-mail marketing” methods that we face very often.  While “E-mail marketing” is performed, it’s very important how the industrial firms organize their data and how they obtain this data legally.  MONETA Tanıtım, secures this subject out of being a problem for industrial firms with social media and digital media directors. With perfectly organized data, we support you in digital marketing subject for forming contents with related content. For further information on the subject, please contact us.

Everyone talks about the importance of marketing, however the essentially important topic is the application of correct marketing technics. This is the point that we paid the most attention to. We can not see any reason for that your brand’s meeting with the correct target  audience shall not be magnificent.

Welcome to new marketing with the dynamic impact of pure publishing.

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