B2B For lndustrial Market

Due to heavy business program and time management problems of vendors and buyers in industrial market, activities like expos become out of being participatable.And also that some people in the sector can not leave their spaces lora long time can be considered one of the reasons that participator number at long distances becomes low.

MONETA arranges B2B meetings, with a good timing and organization, through experience it gained in industrial market and good communication, along with the demands of producers and consumers. it makes analysis in the sectors that yourfirm prefers, chooses the right location lor the related industry and organizes your B2B meeting, making content planning.

MONETA connects you, at your suitable dates, with people related to your products and services. Th only thing left becomes sharing the inlormation of your product and service with us.

The details of concept to be formed in the context of your activity are realized and applied by us; the only thing left foryou becomes participating in the event at the date and time of your event with your authorities. During your activity, MONETA authorities accompany you and give you support lor all possible instant defects /rom your media relations to infrastructure problems.