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Customer Comments

Atilla Aydın

You’re a publisher who is young, dynamic, hardworking, giving importance on team work and pursuing technological developments and sharing them with readers, that we feel pleasure to work with. I wish the continuum of your success in the name of our company Studer AG. and myself.

Atilla AydınArea Sales ManagerFritz Studer AG
Aylin Unan Belen

MONETA Introduction is showing great effort for us to reach the sector in the subject of gear technologies. They have great contribution for us taking path in Turkey industry with latest technology communication methods.

Aylin Unan BelenUnan TeknikUnan Teknik
Duygu Yalçın Ağalar

MONETA Tanıtım has always stood by us since the day it was founded. I think they have great benefits for the industry with innovator and continously self-developing structure. I’m sure they’ll success many things with their dynamic,  frank and expert team.

Duygu Yalçın AğalarDissan ReduktorDissan Reduktor
Hakan Yardımcı

I think you’re filling an important gap with the articles included in your magazine, related with transmission organs. I wish the continuum of the successful path that you caught up in your publishing life.

Hakan YardımcıR&D Asst. General ManagerYilmaz Reduktor
Gülin Türe

Moneta Group has an important place, both with their experience in the sector and the communication platform they formed.

Gülin TüreMarketing CoordinatorHexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Tolga Kayaoğlu

As the result of our common work, the connection between our company and your reader audience has strengthened. We thank whole MONETA family for effort and sincere approach during the process to respond to our demands and queries, wish continuum of our works.

Tolga KayaoğluGeneral ManagerGamak Makina San. A.S.
Murat Güracar

I’ve known MONETA Publishing and Mr. Mesut since the foundation. New sectoral publications have been added to their publishing life, which had begun with Power Transmission Magazine. It’s very positive that Power Transmission Magazine gives room to actual subjects continously and pursues sectoral developments closely. That they are young, dynamic and rushing for success continously have brought them to these days. I wish the continuum of your success.

Murat GüracarGeneral ManagerOptibelt Turkiye
Tolga Şallı

In our country, Wind Energy Sector shows important improvements. We thank MONETA Introduction team, whom communicate this improvement and change or information transfer inside the sector via Wind Energy Magazine and their social media accounts in an accurate and rapid way, for their support for our company. WE inform that we’re happy to work with your young, dynamic, solution oriented team and wish the continuum of your success in the name of our firm JbS Danışmanlık ve Araştırma A.Ş and myself.

Tolga ŞallıGeneral ManagerJBS Danismanlik
İskender Kökey

“Wind Energy Magazine, which has been one step forward with content quality since the day it started publishing life, continues to transmit the most actual information from the most accurate sources. We follow Wind Energy Magazine, which has become an inseparable part of the sector as the result of care and dedication of the publishing team, closely to access to both the latest innovations and the most actual sectoral news. We thank to all team members who have labour in and wish continuum of increasing success..”

İskender KökeyDirector PartnerXGEN Energy
Demet Mumcu

MONETA Group has always stood by our side in our firm’s works in wind energy sector. We thank them for they gave life to a very valuable magazine like Wind Energy Magazine, which has made contributions to renewable energy sector that is a very important sector for our country and the world, and also, their care and contribution for our firm. We wish the continuum of their success.

Demet MumcuAsst. General ManagerKaleliler

MONETA TANITIM, closes a dramatic gap in industrial publishing by one of their sectoral publication, Pump & Valve Systems Magazine.We can tell that this is the sole publication where the readers can follow the agenda, new technologies and special solutions. On the other hand, we thank to MONETA TANITIM team, who present a differentiating magazine, thanks to enriched content by technical articles and research files given room in the magazine, that provides also the sectoral communication, and, wish the continuum of their success.

Bahadır TAŞDEMİR Chief Industrial ProjectsLeon Teknik
Feraye Gürel

We have a strong collaboration lasting for long years with Wind Energy Magazine, in the context of ICCI Energy and Environment Expo. Renewable energy is one of the most important agenda articles of Turkey. Especially in wind energy, important steps are taken in our country. Moneta Publishing take the pulse of the sector, transmitting these developments from the most accurate sources with Wind Energy Magazine. Furthermore, they always stand one step further of the changes in the sector, by their innovative structure. Performing such a successful working environment and providing its sustainability is not easy. I thank to Moneta Publishing team foe their labour and contributions they provided for our sector.

Feraye GürelGeneral ManagerSektorel Fuarcilik


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