@monetatanitim #endustriyeliletisim

Social media is, today, a sphere that can not be kept seperate from media. It’s either fast consumable product, either an assurance product providing service to end-consumer or solutions for a firm that plays inside B2B market in industrial terms.

While it’s important for you to show yourself and strengthen your image, via sectoral publications or brochure services or as an expo participator, it’s important as much as this, to show that you’re a firm with awareness in social media sociologically.Today,firms that only work for money and not prefer to make any contribution to humanity,becomes obliged to disappear amongst the dusty pages of history. Showing an awareness at a level to feel spontaneity on a special days, makes it a hard situation for firm authorities to spend time.

To be able to support this and other institutional, product based and project based marketing activities with a content management at a level to make it appear and debatable at social media spheres which are communicationally bombarded at each day, hour and minute, is a business to be surrendered to an expert agency, as majority accepts.

Besides this, the sectoral experience of the related agency is another factor that determines the fate of the work. MONETA Tanitim, formed the slogan “industrial market communication”, not with an instant idea, but with activities that it has performed up till today, evaluating the contributions to self. Social media is an inevitable activity for your brand to grow, strengthen and survive. Because the path that the world goes, developing technologies and digitalization makes it mandatory.That you take this support on the path to technology from an agency that has command of the sector and insight, shall be a result of a correct strategy, completely set up by you.