“Market communication for industry”

We started service in industrial publishing sphere with the name “Finans Yayıncılık” in 2011, at the result of analysis we performed in Turkey’s industrial market and international market researches_ We continued as MONETA Publishing Group by 2015, with our company’s rapid growth.

At the first phase, by our magazine, we gained specific magazine pub­ lishing ta Turkish industry in terms of equipment. With this experience in equipment industry, we’ve become facus of interest in publishing sector by serving Pompa Vana Dergisi (Pump&Valve Systems Magazine) in 2013, Rüzgar Enerjisi Dergisi (Wind Energy Magazine) in 2014, OEM Orijinal Ekipman Üreticisi Dergisi (OEM, Original Equipment Manufactu­ rers Magazine) at the beginning of 2017, Güneşten Koruma Geçiş/Kapı Sistemleri Dergisi (Sun Protection Gate/Door Systems Magazine) and by 2019 GES Dergisi (Solar Energy Systems Magazine), Biyoenerji Dergisi (Bioenergy Magazine) and Haber Plastik (Plastic News).

MONETA, who has become lndustrial Publishers Association member in 2015, has entered Board of Management, in the name of develop­ ment of publishing sector and has contributed in efforts far increasing quality in the sector.

We carried our media to ali innovative platforms by self-improvement as a result of feedbacks we received from professionals in Turkey in­ dustry, via our sectoral media channels and, by today, we reached an reader quantity of over 30K anda serious potential.

Easy offer management with uretimtek.com

We started the service of easy offer management far industrial market, at the resul! of an effort lasting 2 years, by blending this potential we reached and the experience we gained. Our application, getting live with the name uretimtek.com, provides producers and consumers with easy, transparent and rapid accessbility. With uretimtek.com, compa­ nies can use time more optimized and spend spare times far business development. uretimtek.com application is expected ta develop along with user demands.

Hundreds of sectors, one solution

MONETA, developing its products and services spectrum asa resul! of its success in publishing sector, while supports you in your both sales and image targets via traditional and digital marketing methods, pro­ vides consultancy far your institutional identity, at each step of your marketing, from the smallest details ta your peer-to-peer communica­ tion with the client.

MONETA, who’s ready to give service far you to reach maximum suc­ cess along with yourtargets; is ready ta support you; ta manage a con­ tinously measurable, easy trackable and instant responsive business process, by integrating professional marketing and design solutions.

MONETA, works far development of and globalization Turkish industry; perfarms this by presenting the content tactfully. MONETA has felt ho­ nour far serving Turkish industry and shall always do.