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You can solve al the alternatives in one place for your media and marketing plans for year 2020
Increase your profitability in 2020 by a much more efficient marketing with Moneta services.

Our multi sphere usage offer for effective marketing activities; 
Print magazine advertisement + web banner + content publishing + uretimtek.com*

*We can present our offer involving our offers which we mentioned above in accordance with your magazine and issue choices.

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Our Magazines from traditional media to innovative media; for our 2020 media kit, click here>>
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You can make your choices by examining our magazines at our 2020 media kit for opportunity to introduce your brand’s products in both print and digital environments.

Do not disappear in digital world’s mess, get noticed!
Let Moneta’s Google partner certified experts make special plans to meet your products with your target audience and apply them, you only monitor the results. Consult us for Google ads, social media advertisements, regional and new digital advertisement applications.

Social media is your image, keep your image clean!
Introduce your products with effective visuals and texts, show your product’s sensitivity in the society you live.
Rise up in the digital world and attract your target audience to your websites. You desire, let us imagine, produce and manage.
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Not “do you understand?”, instead, “can we tell?”
We can tell your brand with correct terminology and in SEO compatible.
Definitely benefit our content development and presentations which will make the target without exhausting anyone beyond.
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Catch the eyes with our renewed web pages!
Take the pleasure of digital advertising with our websites which are SEO compatible and listed on the first rows of search engine results!
Siz alanı seçin biz reklamınızı tasarlayıp yayına alalım, üstelik gösterim raporlu sunumumuz ile içiniz rahat etsin.
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Online offer management program for innovative facilities!
Spare less time on supply operations, focus on enhancement of your business.
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Our 2020 Expo calendar >> https://monetatanitim.com/en/event-calendar/

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