Industry’s technological portals

Since 2011, we’ve been presenting a knowledge source that reaches thousands of experts in hund- reds of sectors via our web portals which we ‘ve been diffusing on important sectors of the industry.

We have important web portals which gives infor- mation to professionals of the industry with project and product introductions, reviews, articles. On the path to development of our country, improvement of our indsutry and becoming a manufacturer country, information’s easy accesibility is among our priorities.

MONETA, who pursues ever-renewing internet technologies, has kept readers for years by conti- nously updadating its web pages’ infrastructure te- chnology. Our portals work perfect at Android, IOS etc . operating systems, working compatible with all smart devices.

Our web portals carry the quality of an important archive which summarizes Turkish industry’s agen- da and monitor its development. Our web portals, who involve authentic contents, lead the sector.